Tillandsia cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia cyanea

With outstanding long lasting blue flowers appearing in succession on brilliant pink quills (the flower bract) Tillandsia cyanea is one of the many brilliant bromeliads readily available for sale.

Foliage is an attractive olive green.

Remember that these plants are a tropical plant that require warmth and humidity, and have been hybridised and selectively bred for many years so variation in color and form is normal. Little maintenance is required, why not try growing these in a hanging basket.

You will find Tillandsia cyanea for sale in good garden centres and even the big boxes especially when in flower, you can also buy them online from specialist growers.

Tillandsia cyanea Care

This is a species needs a position where it is protected from winter rains, also needs adequate light to flower especially when grown indoors. Bright but filtered indirect sunlight is best.

If growing in a pot consider a a mixture of peat moss and perlite, or a fine orchid mix, but remember that these wonderful plants can also be grown on backings as ‘air plants’.

In warmer climates you can grow Tillandsia cyanea outdoors, when growing indoors provide a little humidity for best growth.


One of the biggest problems with Tillandsia cyanea seems to be the watering regime. However it really is very simple.

Most growers water these plants sparingly, however they do provide humidity and the plants take water from the air

You can use a spray bottle once or twice a week to provide the humidity


  • You can deep water every few weeks.
  • Let the soil almost dry out between watering.
  • Deep water, give the plant a good soaking, and then let it dry out again.
  • Fertilise every four – six weeks with a 1/4 strength liquid fertiliser.

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name : Tillandsia cyanea
  • Common Name : Pink Quill Bromeliad
  • Family Name : Bromeliaceae
  • USDA Zone : 10 – 11 Outdoors
  • Height : To around 18 inches
  • Spread : To around 18 inches
  • Growth Rate : Medium to slow
  • Flower colour – Blue.
  • Flowering Time – Winter to Spring depending on the zone
  • Soil : Well drained
  • Light : Good bright filtered light..
  • Humidity : Medium to High
  • Container Growing : Yes
  • Frost Tolerance : Light to medium frosts only
  • Drought Tolerant : Medium