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Tasmanian Tree Fern

Dicksonia antarctica The Tasmanian Tree Fern is more cold tolerant than some other tree ferns including what is often called the Australian Tree Fern Cyathea cooperi. It does still need to be planted in a sheltered position, in good soil…

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Blechnum gibbum

Blechnum gibbum - Silver Lady or Dwarf Tree Fern

Silver Lady Fern One of the best tree ferns for indoors is the Silver Lady Fern, the botanical name is Blechnum gibbum and it comes from the islands of the Pacific such as Fiji and New Caledonia. This is a…

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Australian Tree Fern

Australian Tree Fern - Cyathea cooperi

Cyathea cooperi Cyathea cooperi is commonly called the Lacy Tree Fern, and is also known as the Australian Tree Fern. It has had a name change so the species is now correctly named Sphaeropteris cooperi so be aware. This is…

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