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Your Guide to Growing Roses

Roses are popular in every state and to help you grow roses we have articles on how to prune roses as well as rose varieties.
Articles on miniature roses, weeping roses, climbing roses, Floribunda, Hybrid Tea Roses Knockout roses as well as different rose varieties including classic a heirloom roses.

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Rosa sweginzowii

Rosa sweginzowii

One of the great roses for rose hips is Rosa sweginzowii Macrocarpa, this is a species rose that also happens to have very attractive flowers and great deep green foliage. Rosa sweginzowii is native to Northwest China it grows well…

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White Roses

White Tineke Rose

Heidessommer Heidessommer is a Kordes Rose, creamy white and free flowering. A floribunda type, easy care and easy to prune. Rambling Rector A David Austin Rose with semi double creamy white flowers. Vigorous grower and needs space. If you wanted…

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Knockout Roses

Care for Knockout Roses is fairly simple and with these disease resistant roses coming in a range of colors as well as double flowering forms, with a little attention to basic rose care and pruning you can have some of…

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Rugosa Roses

Rugosa roses are a group of old fashioned hardy roses that make a great hedge and also produce colourful rose hips. Also known as the Beach Rose and Sea Spray Rose, these common names give us an idea of its…

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Rose Varieties

Rose Plants or Bushes, Standard Roses and Climbing roses are readily available for sale and can be purchased online by mail order in all states. When to buy The best time to buy mail order roses is during the winter…

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Remember Me Rose

Remember Me (Cocdestin) is a classic hybrid tea rose, very hardy, and with nice foliage as well its classic copper/orange double flower. Its disease resistant and has a soft fragrance. A great rose for cut flowers and a good choice…

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Rosa sericea pteracantha

A fascinating rose with some interesting characteristics, Rosa sericea pteracantha is grown for both the thorns and the flowers. Also known as the ‘Winged Thorn Rose’ and ‘Red Winged Rose’, the full name is Rosa sericea subsp. omeiensis f. pteracantha.…

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David Austin Roses

Perhaps the best known of all roses, David Austin roses have a part of the landscape since the 1960s. If you are thinking you might like grow them all, then you will need a larger garden than ours, with over…

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Best Roses

Best Roses for the garden. We bring a list of the best roses and most popular roses for the garden. Some of these roses are old favourites, some are new releases. Includes Links to Rose Nurseries in the USA. However…

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Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Rose

Floribunda roses are a cross between Polyantha roses and Hybrid tea roses, sometimes called cluster roses, the flowers are a little smaller than those of the hybrid teas roses, but there are lots of them. Generally these are smaller growing…

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Gallica Roses

Duchess de montebello, A Gallica rose

The Gallica Roses are one of the oldest garden rose varieties, with R.gallica ‘Officinalis’ being the oldest known. Also known as the ‘Apothecary’s Rose’ it is still in cultivation and was in fact the ‘Red Rose of Lancaster’. Another very…

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Golden Celebration Rose

One of the great anniversary roses is ‘Golden Celebration’. A David Austin rose with wonderful double flowers and fragrant as well. The meaning of the name ‘Golden Celebration’ is a 50th anniversary. Golden Celebration is usually available as a standard,…

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Weeping Roses

weeping rose

Although a weeping rose is similar to a tree or ‘standard’ rose, the best examples are those that have the distinct habit of a weeper. The part that makes a great weeping rose is the top, and this the variety…

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Miniature Roses

The perfect rose for smaller spaces, Miniature roses are simply a smaller or ‘mini’ version of normal roses. Perfect for hanging baskets, growing in containers or for those with limited space. Miniature roses also have an appeal of their own.…

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Heritage Roses

Heritage Roses or ‘old fashioned roses’ provide us with an historical link to gardens of the past. Sometimes called Heirloom Roses, they are popular not only for historical reasons but also for the brilliant roses that are available for sale…

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Tea Roses

Rosa Devoniensis - Hybrid tea rose

These are the large flowered roses that we have developed to not only grow in the garden, but also what we see in the florists. They grow as plants that usually have one flower on each stem and are the…

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