Money Tree

If you are looking for an easy to grow indoor plant, the ‘Money Tree’ is just one of the best.

It thrives in warm moist climates, so this is one plant where overwatering is not a problem.

Money Tree – Pachira aquatica

It also grows well in low light, great for indoors, however good filtered light with some morning sun will be best.

Used widely as an ‘lucky’ indoor plant especially in Japan. The ‘Money Tree’ is very popular in Feng Shui and is also used in Bonsai.

The Money Tree name comes from the trunks that are braided together that and are said to ‘lock in’ good fortune.

Often available for sale online and in markets, the money tree is used both in homes and offices to bring good fortune.

According to the principle of Feng Shui the ‘Money Tree’ brings good luck, in the form of good fortune and money to those who have them growing in the house or garden.

Pachira species

However, a little confusion exists over Pachira species and which one is actually the ‘Money Tree’.

Pachira species number about 20 and Pachira glabra (Syn.Bombax glabra) and Pachira aquatica seem to be the two species that are used as the ‘money tree’. Both develop a swollen base or lower trunk and both have glossy foliage.

How To Grow The Money Tree

The trees are commonly planted in groups in a pot and five stems are braided together for use in Feng Shui they are also used in bonsai. Also known as the ‘Malabar chestnut’ or ‘Saba Nut’.

Indoors this is plant that will eventually reach around 4 ft in height. Outdoors in thrives in USDA zones 10 – 11.

In cooler climates it grows well indoors with a week or so outdoors during the day in warmer weather. However never frosts or freezes and always indirect light.

  • They make excellent indoor plants, grow in indirect or filtered light and keep moist.
  • For even growth, rotate the pot 45 degrees every week.
  • Water regularly however make sure that drainage is good.
  • Fertilise every 3 months using and organic soluble fertiliser.
  • Repot every 3 years as the soil becomes exhausted.