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Native Plants

Native plants of North America North American Native Plants are found in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Native plants are those that have been found to growing before European settlement. Although many common and rare species of native plants are…

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Hedge Heights

Hedge Plants all have different characteristics, heights and landscaping uses vary greatly. Growing a privet hedge plants can provide an evergreen hedge that can provide privacy from both neighbours and the street. Low growing hedge plants can act as borders…

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Black Roses

Rose Black Beauty

Yes Black Roses are a popular flower, and rose bushes as well as cut rose flowers that are are black are searched for widely on the internet, but do they really exist. We bring you some facts about ‘Black Roses’…

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Pond Weeds

Weeds can take over and ruin a pond if not properly managed. These weeds take up large amounts of nutrients in ponds causing pond death. The earlier you attack the problem the easier it is to control the weeds. Identify…

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With so many different types of fertilizers available for garden plants, the choice can be a little confusing. Each type is made for particular plant growth needs. Many gardeners use a number of different fertilizers during the year. An all-purpose…

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Tree Pruning

Although many trees do not look like they need to be pruned, you will find that with proper pruning care, these long term garden assets will be protected from damage. Shrubs and hedges benefit from regular trimming to maintain an…

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Pond Ideas

Pond with stepping stones

Garden pond designs can include many features including waterfalls, built in fountains, stepping stones and overhanging plants. And for extra interest fish or ‘Koi’ can also be added to even a small backyard pond. Garden ponds are a great idea…

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Garden Mulch

An essential addition to flower beds and vegetable gardens, mulch saves time, water and you can spend less time weeding. The right mulch will also help improve soil structure and plant growth. So lets’ get mulching. What is the best…

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