Bonsai Plant Care

Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Care is an essential and ongoing process. These trees are easy to care for if you understand the basic requirements. With the right tools and a few guidelines even a beginner can grow a great looking Bonsai Plant.

We do suggest that Bonsai Clubs and Societies are great sources of knowledge for Bonsai Tree Care, and encourage you to join you local club.

Basic Bonsai Plant Care:

Watering Bonsai trees is one of the most important aspects of bonsai care. Overwatering is just as damaging as under watering. Soil needs to be moist but not wet. Watering is usually needed every two days. Water early in the morning for best results.

Ferilizing Bonsai trees is essential as with any other plant. Liquid or soluble fertilizers are the best option. Apply once a month, depending on the requirements of the individual plant.

Pruning and shaping
Another major aspect of Bonsai tree care is maintaining shape. remember that Bonsai trees are growing and evolving, maintenance of shape is a continual process.

Like all potted plants Bonsai trees will need repotting, usually every 2-4 years

Insects and pests
Keep a close watch on Insects and other pests, bonsai trees are just as susceptible to insects and diseases as any other plant.