Crassula ovata

Crassula are a varied group of succulents with Crassula ovata being one of the most widely grown.

Crassula ovata 'Autumn Glow'

It is the green leafed Crassula ovata that is commonly called the Jade plant or ‘Money Plant, however many different varieties are available.

Used widely as potted plants, this a tough, easy care plant that will form a small shrub over time. Crassula ovata will flower, and with many different coloured leaf types it makes a great addition to any succulent condition.

Growing Conditions

Like most Crassula varieties, Crassula ovata requires a free draining soil a frost free climate and low humidiity.

Soil Mix for Crassula Ovata

Use a regular succulent and cactus potting mix or make your own using a regular potting mix with 30% extra drainage material mixed through. Perlite, Grit, or Pumice are all suitable.


Good light is required, however direct sun is not required for good growth. Good indirect light or some morning sun however will ensure you get the leaf colour that make this a standout plant.

Too little light will cause the plants to stretch and develop a leggy growth habit.

Too much direct sun will cause leaf burn, evident by brown spots or marks on the Crassula ovata leaves.


Water requirements are seasonal, water regularly in winter with less water in summer when the plant goes into dormancy.


A little slow release fertilizer once a year should be adequate, use a low nitrogen fertilizer.

How to Make Your Jade Plant To Flower.

Crassula ovata Flower

Getting your Jade plant to flower is actually easy if you provide the right conditions, so here are our tips on how get yours to flower.

The flowers themselves are like little white stars and can almost cover the plant. Flowering can be from winter to spring depending on the climate.

Before we start, generally Jade planted need to be mature before they will flower. So if yours is only a few years old, be patient.

Conditions need for your Jade plant to flower.

  1. Low humidity, Jade plants come from dry environments and high humidity that is often experienced indoors is not suitable.
  2. A free draining soil that is always a little on dry side, use a specialist cactus and succulent potting mix and a pot with good drainage holes.
  3. A winter, ‘less light’ period. Simply the shorter days of winter will help the plant form buds and during this period, hold back on water and do not fertilise. Cool temperatures and less water are the real trick.

After flowering, in spring, it’s time to water and fertilise if you feel need to. We only fertilise every second year and repot every 3 – 4 years.

Did You Know

The Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) is from South Africa around the Eastern Cape region. It found its way to China and is sometimes called the money tree. So the Jade plant is not Chinese OR Japanese in origin.