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Miltoniopsis Orchids

Miltoniopsis Orchids

Commonly called Pansy Orchids, Miltoniopsis are from South America where they grow at altitudes in rainforest areas. Popular for the fragrant long lasting flowers, they are easy to grow indoors as long as you can protect them from both hot…

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Bratonia Orchids

Bratonia Orchid - Purple Dragon Spitfire

Bratonia (x Bratonia) are an intergeneric hybrid between Brassia and Miltonia orchid species. Sometimes labelled incorrectly as x Miltassia. Long lasting flowers and some amazing colours make this an orchid group well worth seeking out. Hybrids like these differ around…

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Lycaste Orchids

Lycaste Orchid

Lycaste are an interesting group of orchids with both deciduous and evergreen types in the one genus. With around 30 species, and flower colours from white though to yellows, pinks and near purple they have a lot to offer. Flowers…

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Cymbidium Orchid Species

Commonly called the Boat Orchids, the genus Cymbidium consists of around 60 species mainly from tropical to sub tropical climates, however many at medium to high altitudes. Distribution is wide, from the Himalayas through southern China, Asia to northern Australia.…

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Coelogyne cristata

Coelogyne cristata

Which clean white flowers Coelogyne cristata is an epiphytic orchid from the foothills of the Himalayas into Vietnam. The flowers are a beautiful white, ruffled petals with yellow markings. This a free flowering fragrant orchid that is relatively easy care…

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Bulbophyllum bicolor

Bulbophyllum bicolor

Bulbophyllum bicolor is lithophytic, sometimes epiphytic orchid found on rocky cliff faces in Hong Kong, Vietnam and South East China. First identified in the early 1800s, it grows naturally in moss and leaf litter in these rocky areas usually near…

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Laelia Orchids

Laelia Orchid

An easy care and reliable plant Laelia orchids are from Mexico and South America. The flowers are star shaped hence the common name of ‘Star Orchid’ Brilliant colours are a trademark and they vary from there creamy white of L.anceps…

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Coelogyne Orchids

Coelogyne mooreana

A genus with around 200 species, Coelogyne Orchids are from the warm climates of south east Asia, but ranging from India and China through to New Guinea these orchids are a favourite with collectors. Many are large flowered and many…

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Bulbophyllum orchids

Bulbophyllum Orchid (picturatum)

With over 2000 Bulbophyllum orchids are one of the largest genus of orchids, many weird and wonderful species both epiphytic and lithophytic. Many species come from Thailand and Vietnam, some from Africa, South America and Australia. This wide range of…

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Pleione formosana

An orchid with a few names, Pleione formosana is also known as the ‘Windowsill Orchid’, ‘the ‘Peacock Orchid, and the ‘Taiwan Orchid’. Whatever you call it, Pleione formosana is an easy care orchid that grows well in the garden as…

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Dactylorhiza Orchid

A group of fairly hardy terrestrial (ground-dwelling) Orchids Dactylorhiza species such as Dactylorhiza fuchsii and D. maculata provide a colourful addition to the garden in spring. Dozens of species for the collector, however it is the hybrids that are mainly…

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Bletilla striata

As far as terrestrial orchids go, Bletilla Striata are by far the easiest to grow. Attractive flower in spring and strappy grass like foliage these hardy orchids are a must. A spring flowering plant, Bletilla Striata are also known as…

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Cymbidium elegens

Cymbidium elegans

One of the most beautiful cymbidium species of all is Cymbidium elegans, a species that is originally from Asia (India through to China). The flowers differ to many other cymbidium species, large drooping racemes of lemon yellow bell shaped flowers…

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Terrestrial Orchids

Terrestrial Orchids (ground orchids) are a large and varied group of orchids that grow in the ground. Some terrestrial orchid species are very hardy and can easily be grown in the perennial garden. Although cymbidium orchids are probably the best…

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Cymbidium Orchid Care

Perhaps the most popular orchids for sale Cymbidium Orchids are also one of the easiest to grow. The color range available in hybrid cymbidiums is huge including pure white, pinks, yellow and even green cymbidium orchids (pictured right. Widely used…

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Dendrobium kingianum

The cool climate Dendrobium kingianum (syn Thelychiton kingianum) or ‘Pink Rock Orchid’ is an easy care orchid. We look at culture and growing requirements for Den. kingianum. Readily available form sale from Online Orchid Specialists, Dendrobium kingianum species and cultivars…

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Dendrochilum Orchids

We really believe that Dendrochilum Orchids are one of the worlds most underrated orchids, but popular with collectors. Dendrochilum wenzelii is perhaps one of the most widely grown of the species and they are relatively easy to grow. Dendrochilum glumaceum…

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Encyclia Orchids

Encyclia Orchids are a little known group of spring to summer flowering orchids, but popular with collectors. E. cochleata and E. radiata are perhaps two of the most widely grown of the species. Also worth looking for is Encyclia tampensis…

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Masdevallia Orchids

With over 300 species and numerous cultivars Masdevallia Orchids are a large genus of ‘cool climate’ orchids. An excellent orchid for beginners due to the easy care nature. You can grow them indoors and outside, although they will need to…

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Mericlone Orchids

The question is often asked, What is a Mericlone Orchid ? Simply put, a mericlone Orchids are vegetative clones of hybrid orchids. Technically they should be the same as the parent plant. However as they are grown from meriistematic tissue,…

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Oncidium Orchids

Oncidium Orchid

Oncidium Orchids ( Onc )A epiphytic species, Oncidium Orchids have long lasting flowers and are a large group of orchids often refried to as the Oncidium alliance. They all belong to the Oncidinae group. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Dancing…

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Paphiopedilum Orchids

A popular cooler climate Paphiopedilum Orchids ( paphs ) are native to China, India and South East Asia. A collectors favourite and often referred to as ‘slipper orchids’. Fairly easy to grow and popular with hybridisers popular species include P.…

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Orchid Species

Orchid Species and Varieties

Orchids are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. With orchid species suitable for climates ranging from Tropical to the cooler growing species such as Masdevallias you will soon be in love with this genus. In our…

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Rhynchostylis Orchids

With 6 species from Asia to India, Rhynchostylis Orchids or ‘ Foxtail Orchids’ are a popular and with many species spectacular large growing fragrant tropical orchid. Rhynchostylis gigantea (pictured right) and Rhynchostylis retusa being two of the most sought after…

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Acineta Orchids

Pronounced – ah-si-NEE-ta A tropical species, Acineta Orchids are originally from South America and are most species are canopy growers (epiphytic) in the rain forests at high altitudes, so we have the twin requirements of humidity and cool nights. In…

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Sarcochilus Orchids

From the warmer areas of Australia and New Guinea Sarcochilus orchids are an epiphytic orchid that seem to adapt to cooler, however not very cold climates. The species themselves are attractive, however as with many orchids it is the hybrids…

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