Coelogyne Orchids

Coelogyne mooreana
Coelogyne mooreana

A genus with around 200 species, Coelogyne Orchids are from the warm climates of south east Asia, but ranging from India and China through to New Guinea these orchids are a favourite with collectors.

Many are large flowered and many are fragrant. Those From the cooler climates are easier to grow and Cologyne cristata is one of the favourites and often recommended for beginners as it not only easy to grow but also attractive, large flowers and fragrant.

How to grow Coelogyne Orchids

For the widely, and easier grown species such as C.cristata, C. Mossier and C. Mooreana the following is a rough guide.

  • Basic care will depend on variety, however all are epiphytic and all require a free draining growing medium. Tree fern slabs are ideal, however slatted baskets are easier.
  • A growing medium that maintains its structure and does not become dense and soggy is ideal
  • During the active growing season, spring through summer, apply a 1/2 strength liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks.
  • Maintain high humidity during summer months and drop back to around 60% during winter.

Some Popular Coelogyne Orchids

Coelogyne usitana
Coelogyne usitana
  • C. usitana is slightly smaller growing, however much sought after, the flowers lack fragrance, however they do hang down on pendant stems, giving them an amazing look.
  • C.tomentosa haș scented flowers, however short lived. This one is from Maylasia and Borneo, so more tropical than some.
  • Coelogyne trinervis is the three veined Cologne.
  • Coelogyne viscosa also called as The Sticky Coelogyne, white flowers with an orange lip.
  • Coelogyne xyrekes has very attractive flowers and also attractive foliage, tinged with bronze.