Miltoniopsis Orchids

Commonly called Pansy Orchids, Miltoniopsis are from South America where they grow at altitudes in rainforest areas.

Popular for the fragrant long lasting flowers, they are easy to grow indoors as long as you can protect them from both hot direct sun and cold temperatures.

Miltoniopsis Orchid
Miltoniopsis Orchid

Basic Miltoniopsis Orchid Care

One of the keys to successfully growing Miltoniopsis Orchids is to understand that they have fine root systems so require an evenly moist growing medium which is suitable for the roots.


Temperature range is best at a maximum of 26C (80f) in summer. A low of around 13C (55f) is also recommended. So indoor temperatures do suit these orchids.

They prefer temperatures in the cool to intermediate range.  They do well in wintertime lows of 55° to 65° and in summertime highs below 80°.


Keep the potting mix moist, but never wet, allow the soil to dry to just a little damp between watering. Frequency will depend on potting mix and temperature, as a rule twice a week is a good starting point.

The best time to water is in the morning to allow foliage to dry before low nighttime temperatures, this helps to reduce the possibility of fungal growth.

Potting Mix

They do require a free draining yet moist potting mix, soggy soil is not suitable. Sphagnum Moss or Fir bark is recommended, with some perlite mixed through to improve drainage.


As potting mixes tend to break down, and when this happened air flow to root systems is inhibited it is recommended to repot Miltanopsis orchids every year, every second year as a maximum.


Frequency of fertiliser application depends on the growing medium. In fine orchid bark, a little liquid fertiliser once a week.
In sphagnum moss fertile every second week.


Miltoniopsis usually bloom twice a year once in autumn and again in spring.

Miltoniopsis orchid Species

It is mainly the named cultivars and hybrids that we see in orchid shows however 5 species are recognised including:

  • Miltoniopsis bismarckii
  • Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis – Very large white flowers.
  • Miltoniopsis roezli – Fragrant white flowers with purple markings.
  • Miltoniopsis vexillaria – Pink to white flowers.
  • Miltoniopsis warscewiczii. – White flowers with yellow markings.

Did you know that Miltanopsis orchids are related to Oncidium orchids