Bulbophyllum bicolor

Bulbophyllum bicolor is lithophytic, sometimes epiphytic orchid found on rocky cliff faces in Hong Kong, Vietnam and South East China.

First identified in the early 1800s, it grows naturally in moss and leaf litter in these rocky areas usually near streams where it gets regular water in summer and spring with a little less in winter and autumn/fall.

The bi colour flower is distinctive, peachy pink with its red stripes. The tip off the dorsal petal has a furry edge, again red. This is not a fragrant orchid, but sought after for the unusual flowers.

Bulbophyllum bicolor
Bulbophyllum bicolor

Flower spikes develop sequential so Bulbophyllum bicolor will proved flowers over a number of months.

Bulbophyllum bicolor Care

  • Regular watering in summer and spring.
  • Slightly less water in winter and autumn/fall.
  • No fertiliser in winter and autumn/fall.
  • Mist spray during the drier winter periods with watering every 2 – 3 weeks.
  • When signs of new growth appear in spring it is time for more regular watering and some fertiliser.
  • Position in good filtered light rather than direct sun is required.
  • Mount on a tree fern slab or similar.

Temperature and humidity

  • Ideally a summer temperature of around  28-29 ° C in the daytime with a drop to around 24 ° C, night 24 ° C. Try for 80% humidity during this period.
  • Winter temperatures are cooler, around 15-18 ° C in the daytime with a drop to around 11-13 ° C at night . Humidity of around 70% during this period.
  • The nighttime temperature drop is important for flowering and good growth.

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