Laelia Orchids

Laelia Orchid
Laelia Orchid

An easy care and reliable plant Laelia orchids are from Mexico and South America. The flowers are star shaped hence the common name of ‘Star Orchid’

Brilliant colours are a trademark and they vary from there creamy white of L.anceps to purples and reds. Generally an easy orchid species to grow, similar to Cattleya Orchids.

Laelia Orchid Care

  • Temperature and Humidity
    Laelia orchids grow in sub tropical zones, however sone species at high altitudes so temperature requirements can differ between species.
    In general the cooler growing species require daytime temperatures of around 69 – 75F (21 – C) and a drop to around 54F (11C) at night in cooler months with an increase to around 77F (25C) daytime and 62C (16C) at night.
    Some species require cooler nighttime temperatures than other to promote flowering.
    They grow in spring through summer and tend to flower in winter.
    Around 50% humidity will prove satisfactory. If the plant is mounted on a tree fern slab or similar increase humidity to around 70%
    Good air flow around the plants is important.
  • Light
    Bright indirect light for 8 – 10 hours a day is ideal. Direct sun can cause leaf burn, so avoid that.
  • Soil/Potting Mix
    Although these are epiphytic orchids they are more commonly grown in pots. We suggest a commercial free draining orchid mix.
    The free draining mix is essential to prevent the roots from fungal problems and rotting.
  • Watering
    Use a wet/dry cycle on these orchids, water well and then allow the substrate to dry a little. If you do this and allow it to dry even little more during winter Laelia Orchids should grow well. 
    Just make sure that you are allowing the growing medium to dry a little between waterings.between waterings.
    Use rain water that has been allowed to get to room temperature for best results.
    In dry climates to hot dry summers mist spray a little to raise humidity.