Beallara Orchids

Beallara Orchid - Dianna Dunn Gothic
Beallara Orchid
Beallara Orchid

Beallara Orchids are a hybrid orchid. Beallara Marfitch Howards Dream being well known.

Like many hybrids Beallara come in a range of colors and forms. Look for named hybrids from specialist Orchid Nurseries such as Beallara Dianna Dunn Gothic (Pictured Above).

Notes on Beallara orchid Care and Culture in the USA follow. They have only just been renamed to Aliceara however are still sold as Beallara.

Brilliant large colorful flowers on tall stems (see picture right) make then a standout. Bulbs are sold by mail order, at nurseries and you will even find them for sale at some of the big boxes (at the right time of the year).

Without doubt the best hybrid varieties and species are to be found for sale online. But how do we grow these bulbs?

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Beallara Orchid Care

Beallara Orchids are a hybrid orchid (Brassia, Miltonia, Cochlioda and Odontoglossum), they get the frilly petals from the last two and the tolerance for warmth from the first two.

  • Light requirements for Beallara orchids. Similar to other low light orchids such as Phalaenopsis.
  • Temperature for Beallara Orchids. A range of 60 – 80 degrees F from winter to summer. (15C to 29C)
  • Humidity for Beallara Orchids. 50% humidity is required for optimum growth.
  • Fertilization. Use a formulated orchid fertilizer one a month in the growing season. Some growers use a bloom booster as the flower spikes appear.
  • Watering. Water often enough to let the potting mix or sub strata dry completely between watering. Every 2 weeks is a guide depending on temperature.
  • Potting mix needs to be open and free draining, however with moisture retention qualities.

Other Info

Beallara orchids are often shortened in name to ‘Bllra Orchids’ as is the custom with orchid names.

In summary, the wonderful large star shaped flowers of Beallara Orchids can reach over 3″ across, large numbers of flowers on spikes Beallara Orchids grow well if given warmer winters and some protection from the heat of summer.

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