Acineta Orchids

Pronounced – ah-si-NEE-ta

Acineta beyrodtiana
Acineta beyrodtiana

A tropical species, Acineta Orchids are originally from South America and are most species are canopy growers (epiphytic) in the rain forests at high altitudes, so we have the twin requirements of humidity and cool nights.

In cultivation they are warm growing orchids and are usually grown in wooden baskets hanging from the roof.

Some species are fragrant and others are not, Acineta beyrodtiana (pictured) with its waxy flowers is one of the more fragrant species with up to 30 individual blooms on a stem.

Acineta supurba with its creamy white flowers heavily spotted with crimson is a little variable in colour, but a sought after species.

Acineta Orchid Care

Nearly all Acineta species are best mounted onto a tree fern or cork base or grown in hanging baskets where the longish flower bract can hang down. 

The degree of shade will depend a little on the climate however a free draining potting mix is essential. Keep moist and warm with good humidity for most of the year with a little less water in winter.

  • Light – Good filtered light, however not direct sun as this can cause leaf burn.
  • Temperature – A range of 60 – 80 degrees F from winter to summer. (15C to 29C) 
  • Humidity – Around 50% humidity is required for optimum growth. 
  • Fertilisation – Use a formulated orchid fertiliser one a month when in active growth
  • Water – A dryish winter however for the rest of the year water often enough to let the potting mix or sub strata dry almost completely between watering. Every 2 weeks is a guide depending on temperature.