Cymbidium Orchid Flowering Cycle

Cymbidium hookerianum - A Spring Flowering Species
Cymbidium hookerianum – A Spring Flowering Species

If anyone said you can have Cymbidium Orchids flower all year round you might think they we talking about controlled climate growing of the hybrids for cut flowers.

So when is Cymbidium flowering time ? well for the hybrids, spring to summer, for the species, it varies greatly. And if you think they all look the same, with a few different colors you are in for an even bigger surprise.

We are looking at the Cymbidium species, and if you choose the right ones (and live in the right climate) you can have Cymbidiums flowering almost all year round, if you choose the right species.

Most of the popular hybrids will flower from late winter through spring to early summer, depending on your climate.

This time will also vary depending on the variety, the flowering time is influenced by the parents

Cymbidium Flowers by Season

Cymbidium tracyanum - A Winter Flowering Species
Cymbidium tracyanum – A Winter Flowering Species
  • Summer – Flowering is not common among the genus however Cymbidium aloifolium for those with a tropical climate or a greenhouse is one, and C. suavissimum for those without these facilities is another.
  • Late summer – Look for Cymbidium ensifolium (Jian Lan). As fall comes around C. lancifolium begins to flower, its a cool grower so easier than some. Late in fall we have C. dayanum another cool growing species. You might also find Cymbidium erythraeum, scented flowers and attractive.
  • At the beginning of winter – C. elegans with its wonderful bracts of lemon yellow flowers is the star of the show. A little later C. tracyanum (pictured below right) very different in form with intricate flowers.
  • As spring begins – The wonderful C. hookerianum (syn C. grandiflorum), (pictured above) every orchid grower should grow this one. We also have Cymbidium goeringii is a fragrant species from China known as the Spring Orchid (Chun Lan). And we also have Cymbidium faberi (Hui Lan)
  • Spring – As things begin to warm up a little, C. parishii with its large flowers spikes all cream with marked lips, wonderful. Followed closely by C. lowianum and them C. floribundum.
  • In early summer –
  • Here we have the Australian species flower C. suave, C. madidum and C. canaliculatum. And so the cycle begins again.