Selenipedium Orchids

Selenipedium Orchid
Selenipedium Orchid

Selenipedium Orchids are a ‘slipper orchid’ from Brazil. Species differ in flower coloring. S. aequinoctile has yellow flowers with an orange to red lip around the slipper. This is the species most readily available, however still very rare and difficult to find.

S. chica seems variable, flowers can be pure yellow, however the orange to red lip does appear eventully. S. isabelianum is perhaps the most widely available, red slippers on this one.
These are a tall growing orchid with strappy leaves, individual plants can get to 6 ft tall when in full growth.

All species have smallish flowers and a difficult one to grow for beginners, so look for a little advice from your local orchid club for this one.

Selenipedium Orchid Care

Mostly from Mexico and South America although they are a summer flowering orchid however they are also a much varied species and culture notes below are somewhat general.

  • Light – Similar to other Cattleya in light requirements.  
  • Temperature – A range of 60 – 80 degrees F .  
  • Humidity – 60 to 70 percent humidity is ideal for most species.
  • Water – Water often enough to let the potting mix or sub strata dry completely between watering. Every 2 weeks is a guide depending on temperature.


Look for named species such as Selenipedium palmifolium, Selenipedium steyermarkii and Selenipedium vanillocarpum.