Aerangis Orchids

Aerangis Orchid 'luteo alba'
Aerangis Orchid ‘luteo alba’

An epiphytic species, Aerangis Orchids are a popular orchid with collectors and A.Citrata, which is the lemon scented species, a wonderful perfume and A. luteo-alba which is pictures right, are perhaps two of the most widely grown of over 60 species.

Aerangis Orchids are originally from Kenya, Madagascar and nearby countries.

Popular for the long bracts or inflorescences of flowers ranging in color from white through to deep red, they are a miniature type of orchid and prefer a shaded position.

In the natural environment Aerangis Orchids grow on small trees and shrubs and are often found on coffee trees.

Aerangis Orchid Care

Often grown in hanging baskets with an open orchid growing medium that is formulated for epiphytic orchid. These orchids have very fine root systems and are ideally grown mounted on bark slabs or cork.

They can also be grown in containers however excellent drainage must be ensured, easier in orchid baskets.

  • Light – A bright filtered light as you might expect beneath the canopy of an open tree.
  • Temperature – As long as it is not to cold. or to hot they thrive, a range of 60 – 80 degrees from winter to summer. (15C to 29C), no frosts.
  • Humidity – 50% humidity is required for optimum growth. Ideally an automatic misting system, however most home growers do without this.
  • Fertilization – Use a formulated orchid fertilizer one a month when in active growth
  • Water – Water often enough to let the potting mix or sub strata dry completely between watering. Every 2 weeks is a guide depending on temperature


  • Poor drainage will cause root rot, although these plants need moisture they can not survive is wet conditions.
  • Poor air circulation, particularly when grown indoors.

Other Aerangis Orchids include: A. stylosa, A. biloba, A. citrata, A. fastuosa, Ae. punctata, A. articulata and A.distincta.