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Pruning Magnolias

Deciduous and evergreen magnolias require very different treatment when it comes to pruning, the evergreens are easy, especially cultivars such as ‘Little Gem’, ‘Kay Parris’ and ‘Teddy Bear’. These are the Grandiflora types and can easily be pruned back to…

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Roof Gardens

With advances in design, waterproofing and drainage, roof gardens also called ‘green roofs’, are used for many reasons including : A simple space saving idea. A decorative or architectural feature. A means of temperature control and insulation They are actually…

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Money Tree

Pachira aquatica - money Tree

If you are looking for an easy to grow indoor plant, the ‘Money Tree’ is just one of the best. It thrives in warm moist climates, so this is one plant where overwatering is not a problem. It also grows…

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