Gardening Tools

Every gardener will have a favourite set of gardening tools, sometimes its to do with practicality, and sometimes its due to ‘what was cheap at the time.

However each garden actually dictates a little as to what is essential. In a small courtyard, maybe a hand trowel and some pruners will do.

Larger garden will require garden forks and spades, loppers and maybe even a few mechanical tools such as electric hedge clippers and chainsaws.

The trick is to review your needs, and buy the best garden tools you can afford.

Our Top Five Garden Tools

We look at what we consider to be the ‘TOP FIVE’ gardening tools for the average gardener.

  1. Garden Fork – If you can’t dig, you cant’ plant. So before you can begin to garden you really do need a garden tool to dig with. A good quality garden fork will allow you to dig, weed and plant.
  2. Garden Gloves – These protect your hands, not only from dirt but also from prickled, sap and insects. Choose a comfortable pair and you will enjoy your gardening a lot more.
  3. Garden Hose – If you have weeded, turned over the soil and planted, you will need to water and a hose makes it easy. If you only have a small yard, then a watering can will do – cheaper as well.
  4. Pruners – Essential in most gardens, they allow you to shape, remove dead wood and of course prune. Look for a good quality pair, really lots of brands to choose from that will do.
  5. Rake – When it comes to fall, and all of those leaves are on the ground, a good rake makes clean up easy.

You might also consider

  • Shovel – A shovel is for shift ing soil, and for digging with.
  • Loppers – These are the larger version of pruners, used for thicker stems.
  • Garden Cart, Wheelbarrow or Tub – It makes it a lot easier if you can put those weed right into a wheelbarrow or tub. Ready to compost or dispose of, without picking them up again.
  • Dutch hoe – very useful for weeding and tilling, without bending over.
  • Hand Trowel – Wonderful to help with weeding and planting