Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs
Spring Flowering Bulbs

For many gardeners, spring bulbs provide a flowering highlight in the garden.
Planted in containers, in formal garden beds or allowed to naturalise in the garden or lawn they can be used just about anywhere.

They early flowering Galanthus, Acis and Narcissus begin the show, often in late winter, and as spring progresses we have Crocus, Frittillaria, Daffodils and Hyacinths. A little later the Liliums appear and then Alliums, Amaryllis and Arisaema, so many to choose from.

Perhaps the easiest are the daffodils, wonderful yellow flowers in the sun add an instant touch of warmth to any garden in spring. They are hardy and require little care, they also come in a lot more colours than yellow, and don’t forget the species.

A huge range of Spring flowering bulbs are available for sale online and by mail order during Fall and Winter and include bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils and Alliums, all favourites ( see complete list below)
The real trick with planting spring bulbs is to get them into the ground in fall while the soil is still warm. They will put on a little root growth and ready to go as soon as winter passes.

Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

In general the best time to plant spring bulbs is in the fall at least 1 month before the temperature really drops and the ground freezes. 

By planting bulbs while the ground still has a little warmth left in it, the bulbs have the chance to settle in and begin to develop a root system before the winter.

As for planting depth, the general rule of three times as deep as the bulb is high holds true for most, but not all spring bulbs.

So read our detailed information on each genus and individual species.
Other bulbs may need to be planted at greater depths. Always ask for specific planting instructions when purchasing bulbs.

10 Best Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spoilt for choice, we look at our top ten spring flowering bulbs and tell you why we like them.

  1. Galanthus and Acis – We have placed these two together because they are so early and are called snowdrops and snowflakes respectively. They are easy to grow provide that first hint that winter has passes and spring is around the corner.
  2. Daffodils – What would spring be without them, mass plantings of yellow nodding heads. However it is really the species narcissus that we love, and especially the hoop petticoat cultivars.
  3. Fritillara – We have a love affair with these pretty little bulbs. So many varieties, many easy and all fascinating.
  4. Crocus – Although the flowers are short lived, we let these naturalise into lawns as well as the border, splashes of co lour through spring.
  5. Tulips – It is difficult to go past Tulips for bold co lour in spring, and if you look for some of the species tulips you will find more variety than you can imagine. A pot of tulips in full flower in spring is a magnificent sight.
  6. Arisaema – Many are easy to grow and species such as A.griffithi, A.ringens and A. sikkokianum have spectacular flowers. Many have great foliage as well which last well into summer.
  7. Hyacinths – Again wonderful flowers, fragrant and they can be grown in containers or in the garden.
  8. Bellevalia pycnantha – Now we are getting very specific, but we really only like this one species. With its dusky tightly help purple flowers this is a wonderful plant for growing in containers in a good sized clump
  9. Liliums – Species, asiatics and orientals are all readily available. We do like the species with the intricate flowers.
  10. Anemone blanda – Wonderful little bulbs with attractive foliage, just plant them anywhere in a sunny position and they will reward you throughout spring.

List of Spring Bulbs for Sale

Spring Bulbs to avoid

And those we do not like at all

  • Bluebells, sorry but for us they are an invasive pest and very difficult to control.
  • Siberian squill, it is easy, but with so many better flowering spring bulbs, why waste time.