Dodecatheon meadia
Dodecatheon meadia Flower Detail

If you are looking for a fascinating flowering plant then ‘Shooting Stars’ and in particular Dodecatheon meadia and Dodecatheon pulchellum could be worth a look. These being the most widely spread species and readily available for sale from online nurseries.

And what an appropriate name, these little flowers look like they are ready to take off.

The dart shaped flowers do look like little stars and in the natural environment they grow at the margins of woods and open meadows.

Dodecatheon are native to many areas of the USA . As garden plants and they are popular garden plants in the following states – Washington, Illinois, California, Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Vermont, Virginia, Utah and Texas.


Dodecatheon meadia 'Queen Victoria'
Dodecatheon meadia ‘Queen Victoria’

In the right position these little plants are easy care. Remember that they are really a woodland plant and they do well when planted in small groups near the woodland border where they receive protection from full sun.

Spring flowering, they also make great potted specimens for a shady position. They seem to require a moist to wet spring in a well drained position to do best.

Dodecatheon species include:

  • Dodecatheon alpinum
  • Dodecatheon amethystinum
  • Dodecatheon clevelandii
  • Dodecatheon conjugens
  • Dodecatheon frenchii
  • Dodecatheon hendersonii
  • Dodecatheon jeffreyi
  • Dodecatheon meadia
  • Dodecatheon pulchellum
  • Dodecatheon redolens.

More information

In good conditions Dodecatheon will self seed, forming a nice little colony over a few years.

Where to Buy

Dodecatheon are available for sale from the following nurseries

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