Galanthus (Snowdrop) Flowers
Galanthus (Snowdrop) Flowers
Galanthus (Snowdrop) Flowers

If you are looking for a reliable plant to relieve the winter blues, then Galanthus may the answer.

One of the earliest of all of the bulbs to flower, they are commonly known as ‘snowdrops’.

They will in fact push their way up through the snow in mid to late winter, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

Galanthus bulbs or ‘Snowdrops’ including galanthus nivalis, elwesii and woronowwii are readily available for sale online.

They grow well in USDA Zones 3- 7 and are a popular flowering bulb for growing in containers as well as the garden, as they do well in cool to mild areas.

Galanthus are grown from bulbs in the main, although it is possible to grow species from seed as well.

Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus nivalis

Plant Galanthus bulbs in the Fall for best results We suggest buy at least 10 -20 bulbs and plant them in a clump for best effect in the garden border, Galanthus can also be grown in pots or containers.


Grow Galanthus species in the the perennial border or in an open woodland garden beneath the outer reach of deciduous trees.

Galanthus can be naturalised into a lawn or grassed area and can also look great when planted in groups in a pot or container. We always think that they look great planted in clumps, especially in a area that is a little dark where the snowy white flowers are a touch of light.

  • Plant the bulbs at around 3 inches (8cm) deep.
  • Like most bulbs allow foliage to die back before removing it after flowering.
  • Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer, we like seaweed fertilizer every two weeks, and continue after flowering.
  • After flowering try a general purpose bulb fertilizer, this will help increase the strength and size of the bulbs for the next season.
  • A light mulch can be spread over the bulbs during summer to keep them cool.
Winter Flowering Galanthus
Winter Flowering Galanthus

Specialist growers will stock more varieties including some of the newer hybrids that feature double flowers.

How to Buy Galanthus.

  • As dormant bulbs in fall.
    From a reputable grower this is the best way, you should get good sized bulbs and they should be the type you have ordered.
  • In the green in late winter.
    This is the way to go from the ‘non-specialists’ . You can see what you are getting and can care for them until they go dormant.

Galanthus species


You will usually find these bulbs simply listed as ‘Galanthus’ or ’Snowdrops’, however a number of species are available.

A few rare and unusual Galanthus species can be found at specialist nurseries

  • Galanthis nivalis – The common snowdrop, widely available.
  • Galanthus plicatus – The Crimean Snowdriop, larger than the common variety with broader foliage that ‘folds under’ when first emerging.
  • Galanthus plicatus dwarf – Includes ‘Babraham Dwarf’, low growing and very attractive.
  • Galanthus woronowwii – From Turkey, large growing sometimes called the ‘Giant snowdrop’.
  • Galanthus cuacasicus – Greyish green foliage
  • Galanthus elwessii – Larger in foliage and flowers than the common form.
  • Galanthus ikariae – From Greece and the Island of Ikaria as the name suggests. Small growing..
  • Galanthus reginae-olgae – A smaller growing species again from Greece.

Other Info

Galanthus can be grown in containers. They will need to be divided every 3 -4 years.

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