Arisaema are a genus of woodland plants grown both for the unique flowers as well as interesting foliage. Native to areas of Asia, North America and Africa they are also referred to as ‘cobra lilies’ or ‘Jack in the pulpits’.

Readily available for sale online, some species are much easier to grow than others and this accounts for prices varying from one to another.

Very popular with collectors for the fascinating and often dramatic flowers, there are now a large number of species available for sale from online nurseries.

Approximately 200 different species have been identified, with many variations in form amongst them, including silver leafed forms of a number of species.

Buying and Planting Arisaema

The best time to buy and plant arisaema bulbs is during dormancy usually in fall, many flower in early spring and can be given time to settle in from early fall and over winter.

All species prefer a woodland situation, dappled shade is best. They also thrive in a humus rich soil, they all also require good drainage.

Arisaema species

With species from China, India, Korea as well as North America, Africa and also some from central America the variation in flower and leaf is endless. Nearly 200 species have been identified, some more garden worthy than others.

Take a Closer Look

Perhaps the late flowering, Arisaema Candidissimum is one of the prettiest, with large three lobed leaves lasting well into Fall. Arisaema griffithii is another sought after species.

It is the variety in both flower and foliage that makes these tuberous (bulbs) plants worth exploring.

The flowers are usually brown to deep red or green and white striped, exception do occur. A .candidissimum with its pink flowers being a notable exception.

Foliage also varies, often trifoliate, some with exceptionally large foliage. Some are palmate, with leaves radiating like fingers.