Arisaema amurense

Arisaema amurense
Arisaema amurense

Arisaema amurense is originally from Asia, China, and Korea and appears in a number of forms.

Sometimes called the ‘Chinese Cobra Lily’, this is a species with a number of forms including a green form. Includes ssp. angustatum.

Varied, the flower is typically green with white or light green stripes or markings although sometimes the top of the hood is flushed with a brown to purple.

This is an early flowering variety and a Korean form of Arisaema amurense extract is sought after for the extract.

Foliage is a three lobed leaf with a nice texture. This is an early flowering species with a lot of variation in colour, generally low growing and with a few ssp including A. amurense v serratum.


Like most arisaema, propagation is from offsets which can be divided in late fall, or from seed.

Arisaema amurense grows well in a part shaded woodland position. but not heavy shade.

Again this bulb may also be grown in a container or large garden pot.

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Summary Information

  • Botanical Name : Arisaema amurense
  • Common Name : Chinese cobra Lily
  • Family Name : Aracaeae
  • USDA Zone : 4 – 8
  • Flowers : Hooded
  • Flowering time : Spring
  • Foliage : Trifolate and mid green.
  • Height : 20 inches (.5 metre)
  • Spread : 20 inches (.5 metre)
  • Growth Rate : Medium to Fast
  • Soil : Humus rich, moist and well drained
  • Light : Medium to Light shade.
  • Humidity : Medium
  • Container Growing : Yes
  • Frost Tolerance : Light frosts only
  • Drought Tolerant : No