Rare and Exotic Plant Nurseries

Rare plants flowers, seeds and exotic or tropical rare plants can make a great addition to any garden, however not all nurseries carry them.

These plants are not just for the collector, they are well suited to many gardeners and will certainly provide a talking point. 

Rare plants, flowers and seeds including many exotic plants are difficult to find in local garden centres and nurseries for a number of reasons.

Chances are you will not be lucky enough to have a rare plant nursery nearby, however wheres you live in New York City or California you can fond a huge range of plants online.

Plants are rare for one or three reasons,

  • Some are just very rare, perhaps almost extinct in nature and the only source of new plant material is help by collectors. 
  • Other plants are just ‘difficult’ to propagate, some fig trees for example need to be pollinated by a wasp from New Guinea to produce seed… the only other option is aerial layering a slow and difficult procedure.
  • Some plants are easy to reproduce using tissue culture, other are temperamental and will only grow from seed, and some bulbs take seven years to flower from seed… so they are ‘rare plants’.

Yes rare plants can seem to be expensive, however when you take into account the time and skill involved in growing them, maybe rare plants are actually very cheap……

You can find many rare plants by simply using our PLANT FINDER or, explore the rare plant web sites listed below.  

Where to buy

Some of the best rare plant nurseries in the USA are listed below

SEQUIM RARE PLANTS 500 N. Sequim Ave. Sequim, WA 98382Small mail order nursery with a very interesting range of perennials and other plants. Includes: A great range of rare and unusual plants.www.sequimrareplants.com

GARDINO NURSERY Tropical plant nursery specialising in a wide variety of rare and unusual plants. Shipping is available to retail and wholesale customers nationwide. Our web site also contains lots of useful information on a variety of tropical plants (over 500 varieties) and a gardening guide. www.gardinonursery.com

SISKIYOU RARE PLANT NURSERY2115 Talent Avenue Talent Oregon 97540phone: 541-535-7103 FAX: 541-535-2113An interesting collection of: Alpine, rock garden and other unusual plants.www.srpn.net