How to Make Cut Roses Last Longer

We would all like to have the vase of rose flowers last as long as possible, so if you are trying to find the perfect way to make those roses last longer in the vase, we have the answer.

Making Roses last longer in the vase is fairly easy given that you follow some basic steps first when cutting roses in the garden and secondly when preparing rose to be placed in vases.

Flower preservative can help but basic preparation of cut roses and other flowers is essential if you want your roses to last.

Roses cut from the garden or purchased from a florist are a fantastic cut flower, beautiful and in many cases fragrant, so how do we make our roses last longer when in a vase? Roses will last longer if you follow a few basic steps.

Picking Roses for Cut Flowers

Cut flowers from your own garden early in the morning, moisture levels in the stems are high and this helps longevity. Cut flowers that are dry, and not yet fully open. Place the flowers directly into water as soon as they are cut.

Placing Roses in the Vase

  • Always use a clean vase, wash vases with a bleach solution to kill any bacteria.
  • Remove leaves that may be submerged in water once the roses are placed in the vase. Leaves sitting in water begin to decay, create an unpleasant odour and allow bacteria to flourish.
  • Re cut stems immediately before placing them in the vase.
  • Stems need to be careful cut at a 45 degree angle.
  • Use clean sharp secateurs or a sharp knife, not common scissors. Most scissors tend to crush the stems of roses when cutting and this inhibits the uptake of water.
  • Use clean cold water and consider trying a cut flower food / preservative for optimum life.

Other Tips

  • Avoid placing vases of cut flowers in warm positions, keep away from sunny windows and ducted heating outlets, the cooler the position the longer the flowers will last.
  • Very cold positions also will reduce flower life. Draughts and Air Conditioning are also likely to reduce the life of cut flowers.
  • Remove dead flowers from the vase, or at least the spent flower heads, dead flowers give off a gas that reduces the life of other flowers in the vase.
  • Change water regularly.
  • Some people recommend a few drops of bleach in the water to help keep the water fresh. 

Top Tips

  • Do not crush or damage the flower stems.
  • Keep cut flowers away from fruit bowls, ripening fruit gives off a gas that shortens the life of cut flowers.
  • Do not use metal containers, especially if you are adding flower preservative to the water.
  • Change the water in the vase every 2-3 days.
  • If you are not using flower preservative try: Adding a little sugar to the water and also adding a little bleach to the water