How to Fertilize Japanese Maple Trees

Green Leaf Japanese Maple

If you want your Japanese Maple to be healthy as well as look great then give it a good feed, some slow release fertilizer is the answer.

With access to appropriate nutrients the leaves will be larger, have better colour and generally be more vibrant. You will also get faster growth.

When to Fertilize Japanese Maple Trees

You can fertilise at two times of the year, in fall when the plant is beginning to develop new bus for the next flush of spring growth. At this time the root system is still active and they will take up nutrients.

This applies to most Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) varieties.

Red Leaf Japanese Maple

How to Fertilize Japanese Maples

You could fertilise in spring, however many growers find fall to be more effective.

  • A general purpose slow release pelletised fertiliser will suit most trees.
  • For newly planted trees use just a little.
  • For smaller trees that have been established for 4 – 5 years 2lb, (1kg) will be adequate.
  • Fo larger well established trees, 10lb (5kg) will be adequate.
  • Water the area beneath the Japanese Maple before fertilising.
  • The fertiliser should be spread a little away from the trunk, out to beyond the drip line. 
  • Water again.
  • Apply mulch over the top of the fertilizer.
  • Stand back and wait for spring and enjoy your healthy and vibrant Japanese Maple.

What about Watering Japanese Maples ?

For the first 2 – 3 years you do need to deep water regularly. The sound trees do not have an extensive root system, so need a little help in most garden situations.

As soon as thetas of the soil begins to dry, it’s time to water. However do not over water, wet soggy soil can cause root problems.

Are Coffee Grounds good for Japanese Maples ?

Actually NO. Coffee grounds have a growth inhibiter in them, you need to compost them before using them in the garden.