Brugmansia Datura Identification

Brugmansia and Datura – The difference between the two.

Two related species, Brugmansia and Datura are often confused, however they are different in a number of ways and are easily identified. Three main differences are in growth habit help with identification.

The real give away is the flowers, Brugmansia flowers point downward, they hang beneath the foliage. Datura flowers point upwards often above the foliage.

  • Brugmansia flowers are pendulous
  • Datura flowers are upright
  • Brugmansia are generally taller growing,
  • In general Datura are lower growing, mound forming shrubs.
  • The fruit of the Brugmansia is smooth.
  • The fruit of the Datura is spiky.

Cultivation differences

We also have growing conditions, Datura are not as cold tolerant as Brugmansia and are treated as annuals in cold climates. Datura will also self seed readily, especially in warmer climates where they can become a little weedy.