Drought Resistant Plants

If a lack of water is a problem, them Drought tolerant plants are one answer. We also look at ways to help drought proof your garden.

Drought tolerant or drought resistant plants are increasingly popular with landscapers and gardeners alike. Plants that require little or no extra water are of great use in helping conserve natural resources.

Generally these plants also require little maintenance and are great for those with little time to maintain a garden.

It is not only succulents that are drought tolerant, well known garden plants such as clivia and roses can actually survive with little water once established.

Mulching and soil preparation are an important part of the drought tolerant regime, consult your local nursery for expert advice.

Characteristics of Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants cope in many different ways.

  • Silver or grey foliage plants are often suitable as they tend to reflect light, keeping the leaves and therefor the plant cooler.
  • Plants with fine hairs on the foliage can trap moisture.
  • Some plants put down very deep tap roots that allow them to access moisture from deep in the soil.
  • Others store moisture in their trunks, foliage or root systems.
  • Some just require less moisture than others.
  • Often the establishment of a plant is a key to its surviving through dry periods.

How to make plants more drought tolerant

  1. Planting in late summer to fall.
    This can give plants the chance to establish a root system before the heat and dryness of summer.
  2. Buy smaller plants.
    Smaller plants will use less water than larger ones. so they can have a better chance of establishing themselves.
  3. Use Shade Cloth for new plants.
    Young and newly planted plants need a hand to get established, some shade through the first summer will help.
  4. Provide shade by using more tolerant plants to shade the less tolerant varieties
  5. Digging in lots of humus rich compost.
    This improves water retention in the soil, giving plants access to moisture for longer periods.
  6. Mulching.
    Again this improves soil moisture retention. It also keeps the soil cooler and therefore the root systems.
  7. Clever Planting Positions.
    Use the toughest and most drought tolerant species to provide shade in the afternoon for the less drought resistent species .

List of drought tolerant plants

  1. Achillea or ‘Yarrow’
  2. Agastache
  3. Agave
  4. Alyssun saxatile
  5. Amsonia
  6. Anacyclus
  7. Artemisia
  8. Arum
  9. Asters
  10. Boronia
  11. Cactus
  12. Calylophus
  13. Cheilanthes lanosa Hairy Lip Fern
  14. livia (dry shade)
  15. Coreopsis
  16. elosperma
  17. Dianthus
  18. Echinacea
  19. Echinops
  20. Epimedium (dry shade)
  21. Euphorbia
  22. Gaillardia
  23. Geum
  24. Grevillea
  25. Helianthus
  26. Liatris
  27. Penstemon
  28. Phlox stolonifera
  29. Saxifraga
  30. Sedum
  31. Tiarella
  32. Viola waiteri
  33. Yucca

Nurseries with drought tolerant plants for sale include:

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