Albuca nelsonii

Albuca nelsonii
Albuca nelsonii

Rarely seen growing in gardens, yet worthy of more attention, Albuca nelsonii is one of the larger Albuca species and is native to Natal in South Africa.

It is the tall flower spikes that make this such an interesting plant, mature bulbs are large, almost the size of a baseball. In warmer climates it will be evergreen, in cooler areas semi evergreen.

The bulb is planted with the neck well above ground level, and over time will multiply to form a nice clump. Good strappy foliage, this is a species that grows well in a container as well as in the garden.

Albuca Nelsonii has large spikes to 3 ft. The white and green striped flowers appear from late spring through to summer.


Although regarded as drought tolerant once established Albuca Nelsoni does require some moisture during summer and does not tolerate freezes. A position in dry shade is suitable.

Regarded as hardy to Zone 8 although easily grown in containers in colder zones if overwintered. Very happy in a container where they will grow for a number of years until they become completely pot bound.


  • Plant bulbs with the neck above the ground
  • Keep frost free
  • Do not over water
  • Pruning
    Not required, let the foliage die back naturally


Other Albuca species include:

  • Albuca spiralis
  • Albuca flacida
  • Albuca Maxima
  • Albuca namaquensis
  • Albica bracteata syn. Ornithogalum longibrateatum (pregnant sea onion)


East to propagate by division. Clumps can be lifted and divided in spring. Also possible from seed.