Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lily
Yellow Asiatic Lily

Asiatic Lilies are one of the most popular of all lilies. We give a guide to bulb care, pictures, growing asiatic lilies and pests.

Available in a huge range of flower colors including white through to orange and red, these lilies provide some of the best hybrid lily flowers available. Care and growing of the Asiatic lily is not difficult.

These are a lily that cope well with hot summers, and grow well in cooler climates as well. They are sturdy and seldom need staking, they grow well on containers, and are not fussy about soil type as long as it is well drained. If you select the right types you can have flowers from May through to August.

The new ‘dwarf ‘ types are particularly good for containers, some varieties will even flower twice in the one season.

Asiatic Lily Care

The best time to plant the bulbs is just before winter. The cold of winter helps produce larger flowers, planting early allows the root system to develop.

If planting Asiatic in the ground or garden bed consider drainage, if the soil is poorly drained consider mounding the soil.

These bulbs are best planted at around 8 to 10 inched deep, and should be mulched over winter.

Asiatic Lilies grow well in a in a slightly acid soil and prefer a humus rich moist soil. They are possibly a little easier to grow than Oriental lilies as they are a shorter growing plant and do not usually require staking. Spent flower heads can be removed with secateurs, but wait until foliage begins to die back before cutting this down

Protection from hot afternoon sun is best. Stake taller growing varieties and try to provide protection from strong winds. So a position in a semi shaded area with a well mulched soil, in the ground or in containers will suit most Asiatic and oriental lilies.

Asiatic Lily Bulbs are readily available for sale online. As soon as bulbs arrive remove them from packaging (often sawdust) and prepare to plant bulbs in a container or in the ground.

Planting Asiatic Lilies in Containers

If growing Asiatic Lilies in a container or pot we prefer to use a deep one, fill the container to half way with a good potting mix, it needs to be free draining. Bulbs need to be planted about 8″ deep, (below the surface) and usually look best planted in groups of at least 4 – 5.

Video Demonstration on growing Lilies in Containers

Fertilizing Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lilies will grow ell with an application of an all purpose slow release fertilizer during spring. Allow flower stems to die back after the flowers are spent, this allows the plant to put energy back into the bulb for the next season.

Pests and Problems

Generally Asiatic lilies have few pests, snails and slugs mat attack young shoots in spring. Aphids can sometimes be a problem however they are easily controlled using a pyrethrum spray. Prevent disease by ‘breaking’ flower stems for picking rather than cutting, or sterilize cutting tools before and after each cut.


All lilies are poisonous to cats, even small amounts, if eaten can cause severe kidney damage leading to renal failure and death.