Cryptostephanus vansoni

Cryptostephanus vansonii

Related to clivias, Cryptostephanus vansonii is one of only three species in the genus.

It goes largely unheralded in mainstream horticultural circles, although it is not really that difficult to grow, and has attractive flowers.

Although they are related Crytostephanus vansonii does prefer a little more sun than the clivia, which makes them a little more versatile in the garden.

One of the big attractions is that they will flower earlier from seed, maybe 3 – 4 years, and they will sometimes flower twice in the same year.

Flowers are followed by red berries, and if you happen to be lucky enough to have this wonderful plant set seed they are well worth collecting and germinating.

Cryptostephanus vansonii Care

  • A free draining potting mix, a fine to medium pine bark with a little potting mix added works well.
  • Grow in filtered light, or morning sun and afternoon filtered light.
  • Protection from very hot summer heat is essential.
  • Protect from frosts and freezes
  • Cryptostephanus vansonii grows well in a container, and this is recommended for cooler areas.

Lifting and dividing

This can be done as soon as the foliage begins to die back. If you live in a warm climate, with no freezes or heavy frosts then you can happily leave them in the ground.
In cooler climates you will need to either lift them over winter or provide some protection from the cold.


Three species in the genus

  • Cryptostephanus haemanthoides – deciduous
  • Cryptostephanus densiflorus – deciduous
  • Crytostephanus vansonii – evergreen with both pink and white flowering forms available.