Fritillaria affinis

Fritillaria affinis is a very interesting and variable fritillary sometimes called checker lily or chocolate lily.

Wide spread along the pacific coast Fritillaria affinis varies from green with purple flecks through to purple and bronze. Generally growing to 18-24″ and fairly easy to grow in a well drained soil. Zone 6-9.

Fritillaria affinis Care

A sunny well drained soil and Fritillaria affinis requires a dry dormancy like other Frittilaria bulbs.

Like many fritillary this species like to be planted fairly deeply at around 10cm deep. In heavy soils some sharp sand or grit added to improve drainage may be required to ensure the required dry dormancy.

  • Full sun to light afternoon shade.
  • Well drained soil
  • Flowering in early to mid spring depending on climate
  • Hardy to USDA Zones 5 – 8
  • Grows well in a container for those in cooler zones.
  • Does not cope well with the humidity of the sub tropics.
  • Can be planted beneath deciduous trees or shrubs.


Propagation is by division of bulbs in early winter, or from the ‘rice grains’ that the bulb produces or from seed.

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