Fritillaria pluriflora

Fritillaria pluriflora known as the Adobe Lily native to California. Although it is the pink flowering form that is the most common, both white and pink forms are available.

The flower are cup shaped flowers and often appear in group of 3 on a stem. Likes a very dry dormant period in summer.

The common name comes from the areas of abode clay where it naturally grows.

Fritillaria pluriflora Care

Fritillaria pluriflora likes a very dry dormant period in summer although not baking sun. It will require extra water in dry spring periods.

Outside of its natural zone it is a species that is best grown in containers so that watering and drainage can be controlled.


Like most bulbs they look great in clumps. We like 7 – 10 in a group, and unevenly spaced for a more ‘natural’ look.

They grow equally well in the rock garden and in a well drained container in full sun to part shade.

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