Fritillaria pontica

Fritillaria pontica
Fritillaria pontica

Fritillaria pontica is originally from Greece, Turkey, Albania and nearby countries. These are a bulb that do well in a partly sunny position in the garden. Try morning sun.

Fritillaria pontica are a medium growing species that prefer a well drained position. Try a raised garden bed or perhaps try growing these in a group in a pot.

Fritillaria pontica flowers start out as green and develop maroon to orange markings.

Like many frits, Fritillaria pontica have a slightly unpleasant odour, but this is not overpowering

Fritillaria pontica Care

Again good drainage is the key to growing this species, so we are looking for that combination of humus rich deep soil, but free draining.

Best grown where it gets some summer shade so that the soil does not become parched and cause desiccation of the bulb.


Like most bulbs they look great in clumps. We like 7 – 10 in a group, and unevenly spaced for a more ‘natural’ look.

They grow equally well in the rock garden and in a well drained container in full sun to part shade.

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