Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Iris are often thought of as a water iris, and although in the natural environment they do grow in damp areas, they are actually very versatile and do not need to grow in water.

The Scientific name is Iris ser. Hexagonae, and they are actually a group of five Iris species found in Louisiana. However they are also found in neighbouring states.

Regarded as hardy down to USDA Zone 6, however they can be grown in cooler climates. They are summer dormant, begin new growth in fall and will bloom in spring.


If the soil is moist so that the rhizomes do dot dry at any time you can grow these colorful Iris successfully. They do require a slightly acidic soil and a low nitrogen fertiliser is best for flowering.

  • From the end of summer through to flowering in spring they require good moisture.
  • They also like a humus rich soil.
  • Mulching around the bulbs will help with moisture especially over summer.
  • Regular applications of fertiliser similar to what you would use on Camellias and Azaleas will help with growth and flowering.

In warmer climates with dry summers Louisiana Iris will require some supplementary water, however with well prepared soil this will be minimal in most areas.

They do prefer to grow in full sun when in moist conditions however part shade, or afternoon shade is also suitable. They do require a deep soil, and are best planted away from large shrubs and trees, the root systems are extensive and do not like competition.

Excellent when planted in the mixed perennial border.

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