Ornithogalum thyrsoides

The Star of Bethlehem Flower

Star of Bethlehem Flower - Ornithogalum thyrsoides
Star of Bethlehem Flower – Ornithogalum thyrsoides

Grown widely for cut flowers, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, with its tall flower spikes and long lasting flower has a few common names.

Best known as ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ and also as ‘The Chincherinchee’ wonderful white flowers in dense clusters, they attract attention both in the garden and florists shops.

Like most of the genus Ornithogalum thyrsoides requires full sun and a well drained soil to flower well.

Be a little wary of the ‘easy nature’ of these bulbs, in warmer climates this is true, however in cooler zones you will need to lift or protect them from the cold of winter.

Ornithogalum thyrsoides Care

  • Full sun to afternoon shade, although in the warmer zones strong indirect light is suitable.
  • Plant around 3 inches deep.
  • During active growth, water with a liquid seaweed fertilizer, allow the soil to dry out partially between waterings.
  • Foliage should be left to die back naturally, this allows energy to be put back into the bulb for next seasons flowers.
  • Water should be limited over summer, they soil should be reasonably dry but not allowed to desiccate. If left in the ground we suggest that you water well every 4 weeks during hot dry summers.
  • USDA Zones 7 – 9 however easily overwintered in cooler zones.