Saving Clivia with No Roots

It is difficult to save Clivia plants with No Roots or Root Rot, however it can be worth the effort with those special plants. Some of the Clivia hybrids with larger foliage and variegated foliage seem particularly susceptible to root loss.

Clivia Care

Causes of Clivia Root Loss and Rot

Clivias can suffer from root rot, it’s usually through over watering, or a wet soggy soil which prevent air from getting to the root system. Over time the roots rot and by the time you notice the problem, the plant may have no roots at all.

You may need a little luck and can be difficult however it can be done.

How to Save Clivia With No Roots

Cleaning Up the Root system

  • Remove all of the soil from around the base of the plant.
  • Remove any all of the dead tissue from the base.
  • Remove any soft mushy tissue.
  • Remove any lower leaves that are showing signs of rot.
  • Leave any healthy roots

Stopping the rot

Cover the base of the plant with a Sulphur Powder or Mancozeb which is a fungicide.
Allow to dry for 24 hours in a cool, dry shaded position.

Method 1

  • Replant using a stake to hold the plant upright in a fine Cymbidium Orchid mix or similar.
  • Keep the plant in a cool shaded and dry position.
  • With a little luck new roots should start to form, and maybe even some offsets.

Method 2

This seems a little counter intuitive, however it is recommended by some experienced growers.

  • Follow all of the first steps, and then instead of repotting site the plant over some water, with the base of the plant just touching the water.
  • Change the water every 2 – 3 days.
  • Keep the plant in a shaded position.
  • Once new roots form, pot the plant up into a free draining potting mix.

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