Sprekelia formosissima

Sprekelia formosissima - Aztec Lily or Jacobean Lily

Although the Aztec Lily (Sprekelia formosissima) is only regarded as hardy to USDA 8b, and then only in a protected position, it can be grown in containers in colder zones.

Grown for the incredibly bright flowers, large, deep crimson red and spectacular in shape.

How to grow The Aztec Lily

This is not a reliable flowering plant, when it’s happy, it flowers away, if not it sulks, so you do need to provide the best conditions possible.

  • You will need a well drained soil or potting mix. And it is easier in a container than in the ground in most climates.
  • If you are growing it in the ground you will need to dig it and store it over winter unless you are in one of the warmer climate zones. The problem with this is that it does not like to be disturbed, so digging it can cause it not to flower the next season.
  • Leave the bulbs in the same container for 4 – 5 years before potting up or dividing.
  • Bulbs should be planted at around 6 inches apart and with the neck of the bulb just above soil level.
  • After flowering, and the foliage has died back, hold back on watering as it likes a dry dormancy.
  • Once new growth appears, move the plant into a sunny position.
  • A little low nitrogen fertiliser when the plant is in active growth can be beneficial.
  • Mulch around the plants in winter to protect from frosts and cold.

Aztec Lily Propagation

Easy by division when in dormancy, possible from seed if the plant actually stems seed.

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