Tulipa eichleri

Bigger, redder and taller Tulipa eichleri has a few things going for it so it you are looking for a bold species tulip for the garden, one that will happily naturalize, then this is the one. In fact if you could flower them for Valentines day, the red will outdo many roses.

A rather lovely species with large flowers, Tulipa eichleri is originally from Turkey, Iran, and Greece.

With the largest flowers of the species tulips, Tulipa eichleri has been valued in hybridization. Its large glossy red flowers are standouts. The foliage is broad and glaucous with slightly undulating or wavy edges.

A wide open bell-shaped flower, bright scarlet flowers with dark centers. The flowers are held on tall stems, reaching around 10 inches (30cm)


A well drained soil and a sunny position are essential as for all spring flowering species. try work well in the rock garden, but are equally at home in a container or pot.

A hot dry summer is essential and cold winter is required for the best results, so in warmer climates dig and chill for 3 – 4 months and plant out in mid winter.

Plant deeply especially if you are going to let them naturalize, in areas of acidic soil, add some lime. You can plant hem among the late appearing perennials, they will have been up and flowers before these.

You can also naturalize them into a lawn, or plant them in a scree or rock garden. Or simply in a container on a balcony for those with less space.

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name : Tulipa eichleri
  • Common Name : Eichlerian Tulip
  • Family Name : ‎Liliaceae
  • USDA Zone : 3- 8
  • Flowering Time – Spring
  • Flower Colour – Red.
  • Height : 9 – 12 inches
  • Spread : Clump forming over time
  • Growth Rate : Medium to Fast
  • Soil : Humus rich, moist and well drained
  • Light : Full sun to a little shade
  • Humidity : Medium to Low
  • Container Growing : Yes
  • Frost Tolerance : Yes
  • Drought Tolerant : Yes