Tulipa kaufmanniana

With a flower that opens wide and flat , Tulipa kaufmanniana is also known as the waterlily tulip, and this is bit of a famous species as a whole class is named after it.

So the species would be mainly yellow, although variations do occur and of course the hybrids are many.

Early flowering and native to Turkestan this is a low growing species that will grow well in rock gardens and can be left without lifting, especially in zones with cold winters and hot dry summers.

Tulipa kaufmanniana - New Flower
Tulipa kaufmanniana – New Flower

Tulipa kaufmanniana or Kaufmann’s Tulip is an early flowering species originally from Turkey and Kazakstan. Variable on colors from white through to reds the flower is a single in the species and the foliage is often marked.


Cultivars such as Tulipa kaufmanniana stresa with its red and yellow flowers are much sought after. Others such as ‘Hearts’s Delight’ are also worth seeking out. A smaller growing species and nowadays variable due to intense cultivation, but ‘generally’ yellow blooms flushed red


Plant fairly deep at around 5″ (12cm) and ensure that the drainage is excellent. Remember that full sun is required if the flowers are to open fully.

Bulbs are best planted in fall and yes Tulipa kaufmanniana will grow well in a deep container.

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name : Tulipa kaufmanniana
  • Common Name : Waterlily tulip, Kaufmann’s Tulip
  • Family Name : ‎Liliaceae
  • USDA Zone : 3- 8
  • Flowering Time – Spring
  • Flower Colour – Pale Rose to Red and Yellow
  • Height : 8 – 10 inches
  • Spread : Clump forming over time
  • Growth Rate : Medium to Fast
  • Soil : Humus rich, moist and well drained
  • Light : Full sun to a little shade
  • Humidity : Medium to Low
  • Container Growing : Yes
  • Frost Tolerance : Yes
  • Drought Tolerant : Yes