Tulipa neustruevae

This is a Miniature tulip with small yellow flower and a green exterior. From the lower reaches of the Tein Shan mountains in Central Asia it does cope with warmer climates then some, however it still requires a cold winter to flower well

A very pretty dwarf species Tulipa neustruevae is a species tulip, the yellow flowers are held upright with the bright green lance shaped foliage rising around them.


Found in the foothills of the mountains in China good drainage is essential.

You will also need a dry summer and cold winters for this species to flower well.

Will grow well in a deep container and propagation is easiest by division of established clumps.

The bulbs are naturally very small, so do not worry when you dig them, from little things, big things grow.

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name : Tulipa neustruevae
  • Common Name : Bokhara tulip, Flax Leafed Tulip.
  • Family Name : ‎Liliaceae
  • USDA Zone : 3- 8
  • Flowering Time – Spring
  • Flower Colour – Yellow with a red to brown exterior petals.
  • Height : 4 – 6 inches
  • Spread : Clump forming over time
  • Growth Rate : Medium to Fast
  • Soil : Humus rich, moist and well drained
  • Light : Full sun to a little shade
  • Humidity : Medium to Low
  • Container Growing : Yes
  • Frost Tolerance : Yes
  • Drought Tolerant : Yes