Agave franzosinii


Agave franzosinii
Agave franzosinii

If you had the room, and wanted to grow one spectacular plant, then Agave franzosinii ( syn. Agave beauleriana )could well be the one. As a specimen plant it makes other agaves pale into insignificance.

It is not only the size of the plant once mature, but the striking foliage. It has a few other things going for it, it does not form a trunk, it imposes itself on the landscape and after 20 – 25 years it may even flower.

If it does flower,look forward to a flower spike 30 ft tall.

Best known as Agave franzosinii however renamed as Agave beauleriana, this is probably the most outstanding of all of the larger growing agaves.

We think a few cultivars are available as ours was sold as Agave franzosinii ‘Grey Ghost’ and it certainly lives up to its name.

Foliage seems to vary from a the grey of our plant to a more blue grey, however this could be to do with climate and soil.

The foliage can reach to 6 – 8ft and over time the plant will form a clump. Large teeth decorated the leaf margins making the whole plant have more presence and impact than other agaves.

Agave franzosinii Care

Agave franzosinii requires full sun and a free draining soil. Some water during a very dry summer, however once established watering is rarely needed.

Excellent in a container or pot, however only when young, it simply gets to big.

  • Well drained growing medium is essential.
  • Full sun for best foliage color.
  • Frost free position is essential. Although many say that it will take cold temperatures, we believe that a heavy frost or a freeze would be detrimental.

Non Recorded.


Propagation is easy from offsets as well as from seed.

However the offsets are very slow to form, so be patient. We would be very carefulin removing offsets as this slow growing plant deserves a little reverence.

You can also grow Agave franzosinii from seed, the seed needs to be fresh, which makes it difficult to come by and expensive.

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