Agave parryi

Agave parryi

This is a very attractive slow growing succulent and Agave parryi is renowned as being a wonderful silver foliage plant.

Best grown in full sun although like most agaves, in very hot climates, in summer if does tend to look better with a little afternoon shade.

A free draining soil is essential, wet and soggy soils will kill the plant, and especially so in winter.

This is an evergreen perennial that forms a tight rosette, the silver foliage is tipped with a deep red spike and the leaf margins with smaller, but similar spikes.

A variety Agave parryi truncata, is smaller growing and makes a great little compact plant for growing in containers.

Although this is a plant that grows in rocky soils and is regarded as a desert plant it naturally grows at high elevations, so cool winters and hot summers.

How to Grow Agave parryi

  • Choose a position in full sun to a little shade.
  • Grow Agave parryi either in the garden or in containers.
  • A well drained soil is essential, in containers add some extra drainage material if needed.
  • You can plant this succulent as a single specimen plant or in a group. In groups space them a 2 – 4 ft apart so they have space to grow.
  • In cooler climates you can over winter them indoors however they do perform better outdoors.
  • Only water when the plant is in active growth and from spring through into fall. Hold back on water over winter. Wait until the soil dries before watering.
Summary Information
  • Botanical Name : Agave parryi
  • Common Names : Century Plant, Parry’s Agave
  • Origins : Mexico through to Arizona.
  • Position : Full sun to little shade
  • Soil : Well drained
  • Growth Rate : Slow
  • Height : Around 18 inches
  • Spread : around 24 inches
  • Flowers : On tall spikes to 12 ft, bright yellow to buttery yellow.
  • Foliage : Silvery grey to blue with spikes.
  • USDA Zone : 7b – 10a.