Aloinopsis schooneesii
Aloinopsis schooneesii

Aloinopsis plants and species are originally from South Africa and are a low growing succulent that produce wonderful ‘daisy’ like flowers in winter.

Aloinopsis schooneesii is perhaps one of the most sought after species.

Aloinopsis Care and Growing Conditions

Species differ a little in care requirements, but in general Aloinopsis grow well in pots or containers and prefer a position in full sun in the morning with some protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Like many succulents they appreciate a dry period between watering, so allow to dry out thoroughly and remember to keep dry during winter until spring.

A free draining growing medium is essential and as these plants have tap roots a deep container is advisable. In cooler climates these are strictly an indoors plant in winter.

Fertilize when plants are in active growth with a balanced liquid fertilizer. When buying plants look for specific growing notes for particular species. Plants need little extra care, do not need to be pruned, should be repotted every 3-4 years and, some species look great as bonsai’s.


With a number of species available for sale, some of the best are listed :

  • Aloinopsis luckhoffii.
  • Aloinopsis schooneesii.
  • Aloinopsis spathulata,.
  • Aloinopsis rubrolineata.
  • Aloinopsis peersii.


Older clumps can also be divided in spring.

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