Calabanus hookeri

Calabanus hookeri
Calabanus hookeri

A member of the Agave Family. Calabanus hookeri is from the Chihuahuan Desert on the U.S. Mexico border.

Tufts of grass like leaves from a single caudex. Very rare in cultivation, however it does make an attractive specimen in a container or in the garden if you have the right climate.

Over time the cuadex can get very large, over 12 inches across is not uncommon in cultivation, and much larger in its natural habitat. It is this caudex that many collectors grow the plant for, it is fascinating. Closely related to Nolina, another interesting group.

Calabanus hookeri Care

Prefer a very well drained soil, full sun, best grown in a rock garden or perhaps a container. This is a species that likes a dry climate, this makes it suited to growing indoors where humidity is low.

This is a species that is in active growth in the summer months when it should be watered.

It does require some water now and then through the year, very little in winter and certainly good drainage is essential.

Plants can be tidied up by removing the old dead foliage, wait until it pulls away easily.

Propagation is usually from seed.

Calabanus hookeri is difficult to find for sale, best look for it at specialist plant sales and garden societies.