Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Waves’


Cotyledon orbiculata 'Silver Waves'
Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Waves’

Easy to grow, fast growing and attractive foliage Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Waves’ is a stand out succulent for the winter garden.

The silvery grey foliage adds colour and the flower spike that rise above in winter with pendulous orange flowers are a real bonus.

This is a selected form of the species, which varies in itself.


Best in a container in cooler zones, or in a rock garden in warmer climates. Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Waves’ requires excellent drainage and will grow well in full sun, in warmer areas a period of part shade will work as well.

Cotyledon orbiculata - Flower
Cotyledon orbiculata – Flower

You can grow ‘Silver Waves’ from seed or from leaf cuttings.
The only problems you will have is with over watering, frosts or slugs and snails.

Growing outdoors look to USDA zones 9 -11.


Propagation is easy from offsets.

Popular varieties worth looking for include :

  • Cotyledon orbiculata var oophylla
  • Cotyledon orbiculata var. undulata
  • Cotyledon papillari