Dudleya anthonyi

Dudleya anthonyi
Dudleya anthonyi

Dudleya anthonyi is an easy to care for succulent with attractive grey foliage. A long living succulent, the species is named after A.W Anthony and is sometimes referred to as Anthony’s ‘Live Forever’.

This species, although related to others is only found on the Volcanic islands off the Baja California Peninsula.

This rosette forming plant will reach around 12in across and has red flowers on tall spikes in spring. One of the many gems of Californias unique succulent species. Similar to A. brittonii.

Not often seen offered for sale, we think it is an attractive species for those with dry conditions.


This attractive succulent makes an excellent rock garden plant or pot specimen. In nature Dudleya anthonyi is found on volcanic islands, drainage is ‘superb’.

Requires a free draining soil in a sunny position, although some protection from the hot afternoon sun seems to be beneficial.

  • Excellent drainage.
  • Good light but with protection from hot afternoon sun


Propagatio is from seed, however Dudleya anthonyi will put out offsets and division of these is easier then from seed.