Dudleya brittonii

Dudleya brittonii - Green Form
Dudleya brittonii – Green Form

Another attractive succulent from California and surrounding areas Dudleya brittonii is well suited to growing in the rock garden or in pots and containers.

Two forms of this one with the silver foliage form (silver dollar plant) and the green form (pictured right). The silver foliaged form is widely offered for sale and is known as the Giant Chalk Dudleya.

Reaching around 1ft in height (30cm) Dudleya brittonii require very little water and grow well in coastal conditions in warmer dry climates.


In nature Dudleya brittonii is found on rock slopes, usually in a position where it is sheltered from the afternoon sun. This gives us the major clues to proper care.

This attractive succulent makes an excellent rock garden plant or pot specimen. Requires a free draining soil in a sunny position, although some protection from the hot afternoon sun seems to be beneficial.

  • Excellent drainage.
  • Good light but with protection from hot afternoon sun


Like other species it is to propagate from seed, however Dudleya brittonii will put out offsets and division of these is easier then from seed.