Dudleya edulis

Dudleya edulis
Dudleya edulis

Not often seen outside of collectors nurseries, Dudleya edulis is a succulent plant native to Southern California and Mexico. Sometimes called ‘Fingertips Cactus’.

An attractive low growing succulent plant Dudleya edulis is also the ‘Mission Lettuce’. So why the Mission Lettuce name, the fleshy leaves are said to edible, not sure about that. Grown in a container as a single specimen it looks great, although it can also be grown in the ground where it will eventually form a clump.

An excellent species for indoors as it requires very little water and copes with lower light than some.

Consider its natural habitat, rocky inclines, so good drainage, and growing from foothills to coastal areas.

Foliage color will vary a little with season and variety from green to a blue grey.

Slow growing it will eventually reach around 1 ft in height with a similar spread. Spring flowering, although mostly grown for its slender foliage.

Although you could grow Dudleya edulis it is more usually grown in containers as a specimen plant.


In nature Dudleya edulis is found on rock slopes, usually in a position where it is sheltered from the afternoon sun. This gives us the major clues to proper care.

This attractive succulent makes an excellent rock garden plant or pot specimen. Requires a free draining soil in a sunny position, although some protection from the hot afternoon sun seems to be beneficial.

  • Excellent drainage.
  • Good light but with protection from hot afternoon sun


Propagation is from seed, however Dudleya edulis will put out offsets and division of these is easier then from seed.